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Baby Bibs: The Top Questions

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April 25, 2016

Picking the right stuff out for your little one is very, very complex sometimes.  You have to balance cost, quality, usefulness, safety – and, of course how good it looks on baby, when it’s a wearable accessory!  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about baby bibs, and their easy answers.

Does My Newborn Even Need a Bib?

It depends on the child, as with most things.  Some newborns are clean enough eaters that you can get away without one, but if your little one is a sloppy eater, drools a lot, or develops bad reflux, a bib can make the difference in whether you spend all day changing their clothes!  You’ll certainly want to invest in a bib when they’re old enough to sit up and start trying solid foods.

How Many Should I Start With?

Again, it depends on the baby, as well as how often you’re planning to do the laundry.  If you wash baby’s messy stuff often, you can get away with fewer bibs and burp cloths; if you’d rather do fewer, bigger loads, you’ll want to invest in more.

What’s the Best Fastener?

Three options are available – metal snaps, Velcro and simple ties. Metal snaps tend to hold more securely, which is an important concern if your little one likes to pull their bib off.  They do take a second longer to put them on, then Velcro does. This may not seem like a big deal but when you have a squirmy baby or toddler, just getting the bib on every meal time can be a chore, which is why most parents prefer Velcro because it’s easy on-easy off. If the Velcro is not strong enough, baby can pull it off but this is more of an exception, than a rule.  Just remember to make sure the rough side of the Velcro is facing away from baby’s skin, so it doesn’t irritate them during the meal. Finally, ties are the least popular option because it takes a little longer to put on. So in terms of the time it takes to put a bib on, the ties definitely take the longest but one benefit that ties have over both Velcro and metal snaps, is that they are 100% adjustable.

Should I Wash Bibs and Burp Cloths before Using Them?

It can’t hurt.  Like most fabric products, bibs and burp cloths go through a lot of processing before they come anywhere near baby; washing them before use will help keep your child from being irritated by all those chemicals.  If you’re going to sink time into washing all of baby’s new stuff, you should start on that before labor – you won’t have much time afterward!

How Do I Get the Stains Out?

Unfortunately, past a certain point you’ll have your work cut out for you in this department.  To try to keep food stains from getting too bad, rinse bibs with cold water right away, soak them with a stain remover for stubborn stains, and wash in a bleach load if they’re white or you have color-safe bleach. (If you do try bleach, watch your little one for skin reactions to it.  If they break out, try another stain remover.  Ammonia is another good whitener, but NEVER mix it with bleach – you’ll chlorine-gas yourself out of the house!)  Alternately, some plastic bibs are dishwasher-safe.

Help! My Bib Isn’t Absorbent Enough To Keep Up!

If your child’s spit-up, drool, or food mess is so persistent your bibs aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to consider the big guns.  A lot of baby supply stores sell absorbent bibs, or you can look up a sewing pattern and repurpose an old towel.

Where Do I Put Them All?

There are a lot of creative solutions to bib storage out there.  You can hang a hook off a cabinet door, use an old paper towel roll or hanger to keep them all in one place, or even stick a Velcro strip on baby’s favorite chair and hang their bib off the back by the fastener!

How Old Is Too Old To Still Wear a Bib?

Once again, it depends on your kid.  Some little ones will start refusing to wear bibs as young as one year old; others not only like but need them for years past that point.  If your child starts pulling on the bib, it may be time to retire it, and just resort to having napkins and stain wipes nearby (or, if you can get away with it, letting baby eat without a shirt on!).

Thanks for reading!  Lil’ Oopsies is proud to bring you quality baby bibs for all ages.

April 25, 2016