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Bibs for Toddlers

Category: Baby Bibs
April 20, 2016

The “Tiger” bib modeled here, is part of the Cutie Patootie Bib Set

Just because your little one’s outgrown infancy doesn’t mean they’ve outgrown bibs!  Odds are good they’re still in the messy-eating stage, and then there’s molar teething’s excessive drool to take into account.  Here’s a quick look at some good ways to make sure your child stays clean and comfy through toddlerhood.

Repurpose Old Towels

Your child’s probably outgrown some of the towels you kept around during their infancy, and towels are great fabric for bibs – they’re super absorbent and perfectly safe to toss in the wash.  If you have a sturdy sewing machine, you can easily retool these towels into a funky set of bibs for your little one.  Old washcloths work as bandana-style bibs, too; just turn one corner into the bib’s neck!

Go Big

Bigger kids make bigger messes – and have bigger heads, which makes it difficult to catch all of the mess without making them uncomfortable.  Fortunately, there are some easy workarounds for that, including snap-close backs and starting with bigger towels.  You can even make a bib with sleeves and keep their whole shirt clean, not just the front.

Get Fun Fabrics

Whether you make your own bibs for your toddler or go shopping for them, don’t forget to have fun with what they look like.  Your little one’s starting to develop a personality, including favorite colors, patterns, cartoon characters, and more – if you include them in the process, they’ll love wearing their cool bib and you’ll love the fact that they stay clean!

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April 20, 2016