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Baby Bibs for Reflux: What You Need To Know

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April 18, 2016

Parents expect to need baby bibs for meals, since babies get messy with their food.  You might even have been prepared for excessive drool or teething with bibs made to keep all that moisture off your little one’s skin and clothes.  But are those bibs what you need if your child’s suffering from reflux?

What Is Reflux?

Quite simply, reflux in babies is spitting up, which tends to happen when you burp them after feeding.  The mix of stomach acid and milk can leave baby’s stomach and get into their esophagus, causing them to spit it back out and make a mess.  If you’ve ever experienced heartburn, you know how painful and annoying this can be!

Babies also sometimes experience silent reflux, where they swallow the revisited meal instead of spitting it up.  This spares you a mess, but still isn’t comfortable for your little one, who may have a cough or sore throat.

Is Reflux Normal?

Reflux is a perfectly normal occurrence.  Your child’s digestive muscles are still developing, including the one that closes off the stomach during the digestion process; sometimes that muscle doesn’t quite do its job, causing a spit-up episode.  Nearly half of all babies experience reflux, and five percent of that number have multiple reflux episodes per day.  Your baby will most likely outgrow the problem by the time they’re a year old and be just fine.

A small percentage of babies have more persistent reflux problems; it’s also occasionally caused by lactose intolerance, which causes meals to stay in the stomach longer than they should take to digest.  If you’re worried about either of these conditions, don’t hesitate to talk to your pediatrician about them; track meal times and what happens afterward so you have the information in the office.  Regular reflux, frequent or discolored vomit after meals, irritability during meals or refusal to feed, and failure to gain weight are all signs that your little one needs the doctor for a reflux problem.

How Can I Make Baby More Comfortable during Reflux Episodes?

This is easy, at least: Feed baby in an upright position, and keep them that way for about half an hour after meals.  Smaller, more frequent meals and burping every few minutes during feeding can also help prevent reflux.  In more persistent children, padding the head end of their bedding so they’re not lying flat at night might help.  Thicker formula or antacids may help, but those solutions should be discussed with your child’s doctor first.  Dress your little one in loose, easy-change clothes, cover their usual sitting area and car seat with something you can toss in the wash, and don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for yourself, too.

What About Baby Bibs?

Since spit-up is such a common symptom of reflux, you’re definitely going to want plenty of bibs and burp cloths.  They’ll cut down on the number of times you’re changing clothes (your baby’s or your own!).  Larger, thicker bibs are more likely to cut down on the amount of mess that seeps through onto the stuff you want to keep safe.  Don’t assume a waterproof drool bib will do the job – spit-up is an entirely different thing!

Thanks for reading!  Lil’ Oopsies is proud to bring you quality bibs for babies of all ages.

April 18, 2016