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Choosing the Right Baby Bib

Category: Baby Bibs
April 27, 2016

As with any shopping for baby, zeroing in on the right baby bib takes time.  Here’s a couple quick tips to keep in mind.

Baby Bib Sizes

The best way to get a good bib size for your little one is by measuring their neck with a fabric ruler.  Choose the next size bigger than their neck so they can breathe comfortably with it on.  If you can’t measure baby’s neck, there are sizing charts with general age ranges, but keep in mind that your child may run bigger or smaller than these guidelines.

Bib Material

Plastic bibs work better for meals, as you can wipe the mess right off (or even stick some of them in the dishwasher).  Terrycloth bibs are better for excessive drool or teething.  Waterproof fabric may work well for meals, but drool will just run right down them.

Bib Types

Plain fabric bibs work well for just about everything, but they’re pretty boring.  Feeding bibs are often made from easy-clean material, but that can make them too heavy for all-day use.  Sleeved bibs can double as art smocks or cover for other messy activities.  Dribble bibs are specifically designed for good drool absorbence, and probably won’t help you much at meals.  Scarf bibs are simple loops that fit around baby’s neck; they’re a good way to stay warm in the winter, but they won’t catch anything that falls below baby’s mouth.

Baby’s Needs

As with many other kinds of baby products, it’s best to wait and see what your child needs before buying twenty of everything.  Your little one might not drool a lot, or they might make a huge mess at meals, or they might not do either.  Once you know what kinds of messes you’ll be cleaning up the most, you can shop accordingly.

The Easiest Combination

If you want a few bibs to start with, you can’t go wrong with cotton; it cleans easily and will absorb baby’s drooliest messes.  Dark colors will hide stubborn stains, and double-sided bibs are a great way to spruce up meals without having a zillion extra bibs around.  Buying a few different sizes of this basic kind will cover you well for a couple of years, or until you know exactly what you will need.

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April 27, 2016