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Dribble Bibs: Top Questions

Category: Baby Bibs
May 11, 2016

Just when you thought baby accessories were confusing enough, you find out there’s more than one kind of bib.  What’s the difference?  Are dribble bibs really worth it if you already have normal baby bibs?  We’re here to help.

What Makes a Dribble Bib Different from Ordinary Bibs?

Dribble bibs aren’t necessarily designed to catch food messes, though some parents use them to pull double duty.  Unlike feeding bibs, dribble bibs are designed for all-day wear, to catch excess drool before it stains baby’s clothes or dries up their sensitive skin.  Dribble bibs often come in fun ‘neckerchief,’ bandana or gathered-fabric designs, which both look more fun as part of their all-day outfit and allow for more fabric right by the source of all that drool.

Do I Really Need Dribble Bibs Too?

That, like a lot of baby accessory questions, depends on your baby.  If your little one doesn’t drool much or at all, you can probably get away without.  On the other hand, if they’re constantly drooling and you find yourself changing their clothes more often than you’re doing anything else, you may find a dribble bib to be a lifesaver.

What Should I Look for in a Dribble Bib?

The best dribble bibs out there have a waterproof or fleece backing, in order to keep the mess from soaking through the bib and into your child’s clothes.  Some bibs with waterproof backing can’t be put in the dryer; if that’s absolutely necessary to your laundry-time sanity, be sure to check product labels before buying.  There are all sorts of fun patterns and absorbent fabrics on the market – don’t hesitate to shop around and see if the right dribble bib for you is out there!

Can I Let Baby Sleep Wearing a Dribble Bib?

That may depend on how much your little one pulls at their clothes in their sleep, as well as your own comfort level in putting them down for a nap while they’re still fastened in.  Velcro or side-fastening bibs are easy to unhook in case of emergency, so as long as you stick to that, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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May 11, 2016