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Funny Bibs : Get a Good Laugh During Mealtime

Category: Baby Bibs
May 9, 2016

Bibs might be necessary to keeping your little one from getting covered in a mess during their meals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining, too!  Here’s a look at some of the silliest options available right now.


The bright colors and punchy jokes are sure to amuse.

Funny Bibs 1

Luvable Friends 7 Piece Bold Sayings Bibs, Blue

Great for the science fans in your life!

Funny Bibs 2

Funny Baby Gifts I Wear This Periodically STEM Science Baby Bib Light Blue

Life’s hard out there for superheroes who can’t talk yet.

Funny Bibs 3

These Fools Turned My Cape Around funny bib in baby blue – One Size

Perfect for black tie events!

Funny Bibs 4

Frenchie Mini Couture Tuxedo Bib with 3D Applique, Black

Are those gimmicks to get your child to eat that spoonful of mushy carrot really working as well as you think?

Funny Bibs 5

We Both Know That’s Not An Airplane funny bib in pink – One Size

These are more drool-catching bibs than the bigger meal-catching variety, but they’re still hilarious.

Funny Bibs 6

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs Unisex Modern for Boys & Girls 4-Pack Absorbent 100% Cotton Cute Baby Shower Gift Set

These silly bibs come with cute burp cloths!

Funny Bibs 7

Funny Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths Gift Set Girls 3 Bibs 3 Burp Cloths Cotton Cute

Some linguistic experts get an early start.

Funny Bibs 8

Mashed Clothing Unisex Baby Silently Correcting Grammar Organic Baby Bib (Natural)

The ultimate threat a baby can hold over you!

Funny Bibs 9

Feed Me Or Nobody Sleeps funny bib in baby blue – One Size

And for a bonus, here’s a ridiculous pacifier your baby can use as a Cunning Disguise!

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May 9, 2016