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I Make My Own Bibs at Home: Where To Start

Category: DIY Bibs
April 13, 2016

Why buy bibs for your little one when they’re super easy to make?  You don’t have to be a sewing expert, there are a lot of patterns available, and it’s a great way to make something unique to your baby.

Basic Supplies

You’ll need a needle and thread, of course, or a sewing machine.  Scissors are going to help you get the right amount of fabric to start with, and you’ll want to choose fabric carefully – something durable, easy to clean, and still lots of fun for baby’s look.  Don’t forget each bib will need a front piece and a back piece, and you’ll need pins to hold them together while you work.  Tailor’s chalk will help transfer the pattern onto the fabric without leaving permanent marks.  Don’t forget a snap or button of some kind to hold it closed while your child’s wearing the bib!

Patterns for Bibs

There are a wide variety of basic U-shape bib patterns available online, including for goofy looks like vegetables or monsters, or you can draw one yourself.  Instructions for that are also super easy to find.  If you’re drawing your own template, you’ll want some card stock – something sturdy enough to hold the shape while you’re drawing or pinning it, but not so think you can’t maneuver it easily.


Instead of fancy snaps or buttons, you can use Velcro to close the bib – just don’t forget about fasteners entirely.  Rather than a ‘front’ and ‘back,’ you might want to go reversible; then your baby will look fabulous no matter which side is facing out!  Bandana-style bibs might suit your child better than the traditional U-shape look.  If your little one makes a huge mess, consider getting a pattern for an extra-long bib.

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April 13, 2016