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Personalizing Your Bibs

Category: DIY Bibs
April 11, 2016

You may not be thinking of it right away, but bibs are a great way to show off your personality, and make baby’s everyday supplies a little more fun.  Here are a few tips for sprucing up this basic necessity.

At the Shower

Bib decorating can be a fun activity at your baby shower – and what’s more, it’s an activity that guys can get into too, if you include both parents!  Get some plain white bibs from a baby store, and some fabric paint or markers, and let your guests go to town.  You’ll get some great, unique accessories from all the important people in your little one’s life.

Sew It Yourself

Bibs are so simple in their construction that they make a really easy sewing project.  Pick up a pattern online and a fun fabric at your local craft store, and you’re set to go!  Choosing your own fabric will guarantee it’s a bib unique to your family.  You can even make a separate, more intricate front piece and sew it onto a sturdier back, so baby can wear anything from the vegetable patch to a mini tuxedo.


Instead of buying fabric specifically to make bibs, you can also repurpose an old pair of jeans.  Denim is super durable, washes easily, and brings an unusual look to the table!

Order Bibs Online

As with all kinds of wearable products these days, there are websites that will print or embroider a custom bib for you.  Simply go to the site and plug in what you want, and presto!

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April 11, 2016