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Teething Bibs 101

Category: Baby Bibs
May 6, 2016

Every parent knows their baby needs a bib during meals; it’s usually the only way to keep them from getting completely covered in the food you’re trying to get in their mouths.  But what about during teething?  Here’s a quick rundown on why you shouldn’t ignore teething bibs.

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Infographics - Teething Bibs 101What’s the Difference?

Feeding bibs are designed for use during meals and only meals.  But your little one doesn’t only make a mouth-based mess then, especially while they’re teething.  Excess drool is a common side effect of teething, and constantly wiping all that off your child can cause a nasty rash.  You can leave a teething bib on your baby all day long and let it catch a lot of that mess, keeping the drool off their skin and clothes.

Feeding and teething bibs also have somewhat different construction.  Where feeding bibs are usually made of fabric alone, teething bibs generally have a layer of waterproof plastic or nylon in the middle, to help deflect all that spit.  Other teething bibs are made from cotton alone, which works wonders on cleaning up drool.  It doesn’t usually have a different shape from feeding bibs, but teething bibs do sometimes come with attachable teething rings, or a textured patch for baby to relieve their sore gums on.

What Should I Look for in Teething Bibs?

That’s up to your needs as a parent!  There are teething bibs that do double duty as regular feeding bibs, with detachable liner layers for use when baby’s exceptionally messy or full of drool.  Pockets might be a useful feature, if your little one is prone to making a big mess.  If you wear your baby, you might be able to find a teething bib that fits on your baby carrier, protecting it from the mess and giving your child something safe to gnaw on.  As with any baby supplies, something easy to clean is a must – just make sure you’re not throwing vinyl or other meltable, wipe-clean materials in the washer!

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May 6, 2016