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Teething Bibs: Top Questions

Category: Baby Bibs
May 16, 2016

Another wrinkle in the world of bib buying is teething bibs.  What does that even mean?  Do you really need a separate one of those, too?  We’re here to help answer these questions and more.

What Is a Teething Bib, Anyway?

In some places, teething bibs and dribble bibs, which we discussed previously, may be one and the same.  However, some teething bibs are made with a special rubber, silicone, or plastic corner – or even a built-in teething toy or pacifier – that your little one can pop in their mouth to gum on while their teeth are coming in.  These bibs pull double duty – not only do they keep the excess drool that tends to come with teething off baby’s clothes, but their teething toy is right there attached to it!

What’s the Difference between Teething and Feeding Bibs?

Some feeding bibs are made entirely from silicone, plastic, or other hard materials, and feature mess-catching pockets.  These bibs are designed to pop in the dishwasher when meal time’s over for easy cleaning – and they’re really not meant to do more than catch food.  Teething bibs, as well as dribble bibs, are designed for longer wear than just meals, and often have some kind of waterproof or absorbent backing to help keep your child dry and comfy.

Do I Really Need a Teething Bib Too?

That, like most other kinds of bibs, depends on your baby.  If they tend to chew on their current bib while teething, to the exclusion of their other teething toys, then a teething bib will probably be a great investment on your part; it’s designed to withstand that kind of treatment, and it’ll help keep drool off their clothes and sensitive skin.  On the other hand, if your little one’s a more sedate teether or easily occupied with their other teething toys, you might be able to get away with a dribble bib, or even no bib at all depending on their mess levels.

What Should I Look For in a Teething Bib?

Good material is paramount – cotton, fleece, and terrycloth all work incredibly well at absorbing baby’s mess.  For teething bibs with attached toys, look for teething toys made of silicone and other BPA-free products.  Multiple layers of fabric will serve you well; if you get a bib with a plastic layer or teething toy attached, check whether it’s safe to put in your washer and dryer.

Where Can I Find Teething Bibs?

Teething bibs may or may not be on the shelf at your local baby supply or big-box store – but don’t give up hope, go online!  Even big-box retailers that don’t carry teething bibs in their physical stores might have an online stock, and Amazon has everything.

Thanks for reading!  Lil’ Oopsies is proud to bring you quality teething bibs.

May 16, 2016